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What is Gate Automation?

At Axxess 28, we provide and install high quality automated gates. Before making a purchase, you might ask yourself, what is gate automation, and why do I need it? Well, we have broken down what gate automation is and how it can help you secure your home.

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All You Need to Know on Gate Automation

What is Gate Automation?

Gate automation allows for gates that are often opened and closed manually, to operate remotely. One of the benefits of gate automation is that you can have your gates closed for security and privacy and done have to get out of your car to open and close them. This means that you can keep your property more secure and also avoid people seeing you when you’re coming or going. This gives you peace of mind regarding the security of your home, and removes the hassle of manually moving the gates yourself.

What are the Different Types of Gate Automation?

Articulated Arm Gate Operator

An articulated arm electric gate opener is a type of gate operator that uses a two-part arm with an ‘elbow’ joint to connect the motor to the gate. The arm protrudes from the gate and requires space to move, which can be a deterrent for some owners. However, this type of gate automation is particularly suitable for heavy gates, as it provides more stability and power than other types of gate openers, making your home more secure.

Ram And Linear Screw Automatic Gate Openers

Both types of gate openers use an electric motor to help move the gate. Ram gate motors use a piston to push and pull the gate, while linear screw motors use a threaded shaft to rotate the gate.

Both types of gate openers are slim and don’t require much space to operate in. However, this advantage does mean that they require careful alignment during installation. This is especially important for ram gate openers, which use a piston to move the gate. These systems tend to have a manual release from inside the gate for you to use.

When price is a key factor, these gates are particularly important. Their simpler design makes them a more cost-effective option, but still provides the necessary security for your home.

Underground Gate Openers

The most popular gate motor is underground gate openers. The underground gate motors are popular because they are not as visible as other types, such as wall mounted or post-mounted gate openers.

Underground gate motors are a great option for those who want to improve the security of their home or business but don’t want the gate to be visible. These motors can open gates up to 180 degrees, and they come with a chain drive system to make sure the gate opens and closes smoothly. These gates tend to be the most expensive to install, but due to their discrete nature and need for little space, they are a popular option for many.

Sliding Gates

A sliding gate is a great option if you have a lot of space on one side of your driveway. It's also a good choice if you want to be able to open and close your gate from your car. Sliding gates are usually wider than the width of your driveway, and slide to one side of the opening on wheels that run along a track.

Sliding gates are particularly suitable if the space on your driveway is limited, or your drive runs uphill. If you have enough space to the side of the gate, these are the best option as it allows you to utilise as much space as possible on your drive itself.

Electric gates are a fantastic way to improve security for your home or business, but deciding what gates and gate automation system is best isn’t always straightforward. We hope this guide has helped you understand the different types of gate and gate automation further to help your decision.

If you would like to learn more, explore our website or get in touch today!

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