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Motorhome Security

Motorhome Security at its best

Your motorhome is your second home. A place to escape from the stresses of the world. So, when you are not there you want to make sure it’s protected.

Plus, when you are staying in your motorhome or caravan, you need to make sure you and your valuables are safe. Opportunist thieves are everywhere.

We are extremely proud to be installers of AJAX alarm systems. Which have a truly extensive range of motorhome security devices. They have created a number of systems specifically for motorhome and caravan owners that protects your second home in a number of different ways.

Clever opening detectors can be added to your doors and windows to you are instantly alerted if anyone tries to gain access.

We can also install motion detector cams to take snapshots when a breach is detected and send these images direct to your smartphone in milliseconds. True innovation in motorhome security products.

Also available is a tilt unit that allows the window, such as an air vent in a caravan or velux, to be left open and if moved more than a few degrees then an alarm is triggered.

Our systems can be fitted to manufacturers such as Swift, FIAT Hymer, Bailey, Lunar, Burstner, Pilote, Rapido, Autotrail, Elddis, Besscarr, Globecar and many more.

hero_xl_l@1x siren.jpg

To attract attention

StreetSiren DoubleDeck needs less than a second to activate a powerful siren and bright LED indicators in response to an alarm signal. Any break-in will be immediately exposed.

Buzzer loudness level up to
113 dB

Alarm duration length up to
180 seconds


StreetSiren DoubleDeck is resistant to heat, cold, and rapid changes in temperature. Its hermetically sealed body has been rated IP54 level of ingress protection. The outdoor siren is ready to withstand exposure to rain or snowfalls and can be installed on the exterior walls without a canopy.

Withstands heat up to

Withstands cold up to

Protected from dust and precipitation

Motion Detectors

Detectors identify threats immediately: doors opening, windows breaking, and the presence of trespassers on the premises. Use MotionCam detectors to see the reason of a motion alarm.

Here are just three ways we can protect your home from a range of eight variations of motion detectors we install:



The power supply unit is compatible with Hub, Hub Plus, and ReX. It features a standard socket for connecting the power jack plug and has a bundled terminal adapter. 12 volt and 240 volt compatible.


StreetSiren DoubleDeck

The siren has an excellent ingress protection rating, making it dust and water safe. This makes it ideal for outdoor installation. To ensure protection, we recommend cleaning the siren every 6 months.


Combi Protect

Detectors identify threats immediately: doors opening, windows breaking, or the presence of trespassers on the premises. It has wireless motion and glass break detection with pet immunity.


Flood Prevention

Wireless flood detector detects first signs of leakage within milliseconds.

The flood detector identifies internal water leaks. Leaks Protect raises the alarm from the first signs of a flood and notifies you when the water dries up.

Authentication to prevent forgery

Jamming detection and communication channels encryption

Two-way communication


When choosing our security services to secure your motor home, we will ensure you have the very latest technology at your finger-tips to choose from. The combinations are truly gargantuan! So we tailor each security project to match your needs perfectly.

Power Supply Units

Units that enable connecting central panels to low-voltage networks or using an external battery.

Perfect for your motorhome whether you are travelling, or have it stored waiting for the next adventure!


Clever Smartphone

Use scenarios to automate your security system and reduce the number of routine actions. For instance, set up water shut-off in case of LeaksProtect flood detector alarm, scheduled heater activation, or automatic closing of the electric lock when arming.

Space Control

A key fob for controlling security modes. Features a panic button for sending alarms to your inner circle and a security company in case of trouble.

Also integrates a very clever jamming detection mode and communication channels encryption.


Fire and Carbon Detection

Fire and carbon detectors protect you and your belongings from fire by promptly reacting to smoke or sharp temperature rise. Moreover, FireProtect Plus can prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Our fire detectors can operate independently from the security system.


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