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Marine Security

Marine security has never been easier

We provide military-grade boat alarms systems for vessels of every size. We know when you buy a yacht you are making a substantial investment and not only that, but this is also your pride and joy.

The latest advances in security are, of course provided with the new vessels but a high percentage of craft rely on varying ranges of basic low tech security solutions, some with little more than a sliding door lock to keep valuables secured.

Marina security is the best it's ever been with around the clock harbour masters and CCTV covering every angle of your berth. However, have you thought of every potential risk? Whilst your boat may be secure from theft your satellite navigations systems, outboard motors or maybe even personal items stored within the vessel are at risk.

We have access to the latest security systems and utilise technology capable of protecting every inch of your boat. We also have the expertise and knowhow to complement and patch into basic security systems that may have already been installed. The system is versatile and can be even installed into sailboats for greater security.

We offer a wireless system, perfect for the complexities and compactness a boat provides coupled with an extensive range offers a 24/7 watchful eye on many aspects of your boat from perimeter detection through to fire, smoke and leak detection capabilities.

Our systems have many AI aspects to them, creating a truly intelligent intrusion security system that alerts you immediately in the event of unwanted visits.

Timings between detection and imagery being beamed to your smart device are negligible, enough to warn your harbourmaster that you've seen unusual activity

Many additional peripherals can be added to the system including cameras, sirens and waterproof detection units.


The AJAX product responsible for motion detection with camera images is the MotionCAM. This product is a motion detector that monitors rooms up to 12 meters away for the presence of people. The detector, like all AJAX detectors, runs on batteries with a lifespan of about 4 to 5 years. After this you simply replace the battery yourself. Mounting the detector is easy thanks to the supplied plugs and screws and you do not have to worry about the range, this is from the Hub (the name for the central unit of the system) and is up to 2000 metres. So it’s really easy to mount the AJAX MotionCAM anywhere.

The system’s central unit, the Hub, can be powered through 12v and 220v systems and comes in a variety of models depending on the load required from the security zones you wish to protect.

There are several ways to get Internet access on the Hub. If your yacht has a router on board for the internet, it can be connected to it (preferably wired). If there is only Wi-Fi available at the location where you place the Hub, this is also possible if you choose a Hub with Wi-Fi support.

Is there no Internet on board? That’s no problem either, each Hub is equipped with at least 1 SIM card so you can use any provider to provide the Internet for the Hub. Only a small data bundle is required for the system to function. It is also possible to install a SIM card as an extra backup, in addition to an existing internet connection, for times when the fixed internet fails on your yacht - the SIM card will take care of its tasks.

Hubs can wirelessly pair up with 150 detector units, so the size of your vessel is not a problem. Couple this with a 2000 metre range and you'll appreciate the professionalism of our systems.

Curious about how we’re taking the security of your yacht to the next level?

Then please do get in touch today to speak to one of our specialist marine security installers.

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How we guard your vessel

Detect & identify threats immediately

Motion Detectors

Detectors identify threats immediately: doors, windows breaking, and the presence of trespassers on the premises. Use MotionCam detectors to see the reason of a motion alarm.

Here are just three ways we can protect your home from a range of eight variations of motion detectors we install:



The power supply unit is compatible with Hub, Hub Plus and ReX. It features a standard socket for connecting the power jack plug and has a bundled terminal adapter.


StreetSiren DoubleDeck

The siren has an impressive ingress protection rating, making it dust and water safe. This makes it ideal for outdoor installation. To ensure protection, we recommend cleaning the siren every 6 months.


Combi Protect

Detectors identify threats immediately: doors, window breaking, or the presence of trespassers on the premises. Wireless motion and glass break detector with pet immunity


Flood Prevention

Wireless flood detector detects first signs of leakage within milliseconds.

The flood detector identifies the pipe breakage, bilge overflow, engine room leaks, or galley leaks. Leaks Protect raises the alarm with the first flood signs and notifies you when the water dries up.

  • Authentication to prevent forgery

  • Jamming detection and communication channels encryption

  • Two-way communication


Fire Detection

Fire detectors protect you and your belongings from fire by promptly reacting to smoke or sharp temperature rise. Moreover, FireProtect Plus can prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Our fire detectors can operate independently from the security system.


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Stay safe

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Axxess28 is supporting RNLI Lifeboats that protect hundreds of communities through their 24-hour search and rescue service

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