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This section is under construction - we have almost finished, please email if you have any questions, or wish to pre-order, prior to our launch on the 20th August 2021


The base system consists of a main ethernet hub. The hub is home or office based. It uses 230VAC power, and is plugged into a broadband router using an ethernet cable, a wireless 119bd siren and a wireless transmitter. The hub is fitted inside a custom designed waterproof housing coupled with a low volt electrical cable with a waterproof connector that allows for authorised removal. Furthermore, it has a battery life of at least four to five years.

We can also provide a 12-volt DC version with a Roaming SIM card that can be used to protect motorbikes in transit and at meetings. This version can also be used from home, as it would be supplied with a 230VAC – 12VDC Transformer. Both versions are controlled via a free smartphone app which is used to set and unset the system. The app will alert via push notification of any unauthorised removal of the protection device.

Image by Yulian As
hero_xl_l@1x siren.jpg

‘I would recommend the MotoX, ten out of ten, to anybody'

Gary Hillier - British champion in the British Classic Championship

Image by Loïc Lassence
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