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Gate Automation

A gate automatic system supplied & installed by Axxess 28 Ltd will help increase the security and value of your home and business, making your everyday actions simpler to perform, saving you time and money.

We offer free and friendly advice when helping you select the right electric gates. Starting with a conversation with one of our security team. We can then arrange a visit at your convenience to discuss the details. We can then show you a range of gates that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Various automation options exist including: equipment for Swing Gates, Sliding Gates or Cantilever Gates and the types of Electric Gate Motors that can be used to power them.

Automatic Gate System - Sliding Gates

Sliding gates require a different type of motor arrangement that utilises a rack and pinion arrangement to power the gates along a special track. Apart from having to use a sliding gate for situations where you may have a heavy, close boarded or particularly wide gate, they are also ideal when having the gates swinging inwards is not practical.

Sliding gates are often fitted in situations where enhanced security is needed and are ideal for industrial units with large entrances. However they can also be utilised as a space saving measure for home use.

Barrier Automation(1).jpg

Automatic Barriers

Managing Your Building - Automatic Gate System

Once installed, automatic gates need to be calibrated correctly so they are convenient for people to use.

There are many access control devices covering just about every conceivable situation: from simple handheld key fobs through to sophisticated intercom and camera systems that allow you to see and talk to visitors in real time.

It’s important that you get professional advice so that all such equipment is integrated to work effectively and that you are clearly aware of the safety aspects that this work entails.

We are also expert installers when it comes to automated barriers: call us for a free quote today.


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