Introducing: Fadini

At Axxess 28, we ensure that your security is our top priority. Therefore, we only supply the highest quality gates. In this article, we introduce you to Fadini, Europe's leading gate manufacturer.

Axxess 28 supply Fadini gates to our clients
Find Out About One of Our Suppliers: Fadini

Why Fadini?

Fadini is a major player in the automatic gates industry, with more than 50 years of experience in this sector it has been developing and manufacturing folding gates for private houses and buildings. Fadini also offer a great variety of gates that are both for private homes or larger scale commercial projects. This allows us to cater for a wide variety of clients and ensure that our service, and the product we offer is of the highest quality.

Fadini Gate Motors

Fadini supply Oil Hydraulic Gate motors, electromechanical swing gate motors, and sliding gate motors. Their wide range of motors allows for us to install various types of gate, ensuring that we can cater for the needs of all of our clients. Fadini gate motors are reliable, and are manufactured with the latest technology to provide a high level of performance and quality. Fadini gates are also synonymous with safety, as our products are designed with your security in mind.

As part of our service, our experts offer guidance on what we believe is the best type of Fadini gate for you. This will depend heavily on the space you have available, and the budget you are looking to spend on this investment. Regardless, we will ensure that your gates keep your property secure, whilst looking amazing.