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To make your home safer and more secure, consider installing automatic gates

To help with improving privacy and protect against unwanted intrusion. Gates automation allows opening and closing an electric gate via a special electric powered mechanism.

Electric Gates Installation

When you try to choose automatic gates, you may be swamped by the variety of options available. First of all, decide if your automatic gates are going to swing or slide.

Sliding Gates

These gates slide in and out and run on tracks or a trackless cantilever system. This solution is great if the space is limited. Sliding automation gates look elegant in front gardens. Thus, it makes them a great way to secure a busy residential driveway.

Swing Gates

These gates are incredibly low-maintenance and are easy to install and use. Swing gates are also cheaper than sliding gates. They are often used for keeping your front garden with kids and pets secured. Installing swing gates doesn’t require concrete work or a steel beam.

The choice of the electric gate also depends on several factors as to how much space you have. Additionally, think about the gate opener material. If possible, choose both UV and weather-resistant. Such gate automation systems are durable and can last for many years.

Furthermore, consider the weight of your gate as gate openers can only work for gates up to a particular weight. And finally, think about how often you will use the gate. It will determine the choice of a power source.


In general, you have to invite a professional to service low usage residential automatic gates at least 1-2 times a year. However, there are some things you need to do regularly to ensure the proper functioning of your gate automation system: keep the gates clean, look for signs of rust, and lubricate its parts.

Electric Gates Features to Look For

There are several extra things to consider when buying an electric gate system:

Access Control

Depending on how you will use your gate you may choose different ways to control the access: mobile gate controls, a smartphone app, numerical keypads, entry-phones or a video intercom.

Power source

How often are you going to open and close your automatic gate? The more you use it, the more power it needs. This factor may determine the choice of a power source, which can be solar panels, battery backups and AC. A battery backup is a worthwhile investment. It will ensure that the gate will still be able to operate even in case of a blackout.

Temperature range and water resistance

Sometimes the gates automation system has to function in extreme temperatures. Make sure the chosen electric gate is temperature and water-resistant.

Traction and running spree

These features can tell you a lot about the performance. Gate openers should have a pulling force of 500N-700N, with motors that operate at up to 8cm/sec second.

Benefits of Electric Gates

Automated gates have several benefits compared to non-electric gates. First of all, they allow controlling who is inside and who can go out. So, in case you easily let your children play outside knowing they won’t accidentally go outside.

Furthermore, burglars are unlikely to visit your house if they face electric gates. Intruders don’t want to get trapped. They know it is difficult to get out through the gates in a hurry.

Electric gates automation system might be the ideal addition to your property. This solution helps to improve your home safety and security. Besides, it acts as a deterrent to thieves and can even make your driveway look more elegant, making your home a real castle.

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