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Motorhome Security

Your motorhome is a significant investment and it makes sense to protect it. Unfortunately motorhomes are popular targets for thieves, as not only are they valuable in their own right, but they are often filled with expensive contents. Want more security advice? Contact us here at Axxess 28 to see how we can add that extra level of security to your motorhome security system.

Firstly, it pays to remember simple precautions like closing windows, locking all doors when you are away from the vehicle, and never leaving valuables on display. Also, try not to leave your motorhome unattended for long periods of time if at all possible.

Secondly, your insurer may require additional security measures be installed such as an alarm, immobiliser or, tracking device for when the vehicle is left unattended. In certain circumstances, some insurers will specify what device or devices you will be required to install, or it may give discount for a particular security device.

There are a wide range of mechanical options on the market to secure your motorhome and reduce the risk of theft. We have listed the main ones here:

Wheel clamps Are a good visible deterrent. Look for a good rating from a recognised testing house such as Sold Secure or Thatcham to make sure it’s built to withstand attack.

Steering wheel locks Can be a bar-lock, circular lock or even a chain and padlock. Whichever you choose, steering wheel locks are another visual deterrent. Again, look for a good rating from a

An alarm Is an audio deterrent for your motorhome and will often be fitted in the base vehicle. The alarm usually comes with a window sticker which you can position appropriately to advertise that your vehicle is alarmed, thereby encouraging the would-be thief to move on elsewhere

An immobiliser Again, this device is often found as part of the base vehicle. It is particularly helpful if a thief gains access to your motorhome, by preventing them from driving away. Each time you switch off your engine, the immobiliser activates automatically.

A tracking device Is a monitoring device that needs to be registered with a control centre. If you’re you are unfortunate enough to have your motorhome stolen a signal is sent to a control centre, locating where the vehicle is so it can be recovered.

When selecting the appropriate security device(s) for your motorhome, make sure that you invest in the highest quality product you can afford. Most insurance providers will insist the security product is approved by either Sold Secure or Thatcham.

Sold Secure is a product testing service provided by the Master Locksmiths Association and many leisure vehicle security products have a Sold Secure rating, they are structured from gold to bronze. A few product categories can attain the highest rating, diamond. Finally, here at Axxess 28 we offer bespoke tailored security systems that are affordable and protect your pride and joy, why not give us a call? 0845 680 0228

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