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Looking for ways to improve the security of your building?

Trying to find out about the best ways to improve commercial building security?

If you own a commercial building for your business or as an investment property it’s important that you don’t leave its security up to chance. It’s crucial that you secure your commercial building as well as you can and take steps to prevent break-ins and burglaries.

Luckily, we’re here to help. Below we’ll tell you how you can improve the security of your commercial building.

1. Install a Monitored Alarm System

The first thing that you can do to improve the security of a commercial building is to install a security alarm system that is monitored 24/7. An alarm system that is remotely managed is essential for securing a building and preventing break-ins and security breaches.

It’s important to install a system that is comprehensive and will be able to detect break-ins at any part of your building. There should be sensors that will detect intruders at windows, doors, and other vulnerable areas.

A great system will also have an alarm or warning system that will alert on-site personnel, an off-site monitoring team, or the police automatically.

2. Add Video Surveillance

In addition to installing a monitored alarm system, adding surveillance cameras to your commercial building can also do a great job of deterring criminals or helping to stop them in the act. Adding cameras to a variety of areas in your building including near doorways, windows, parking lots, and other vulnerable spots can be useful for your securing your building.

Simply seeing a lot of security cameras installed on the outside of your building is often enough to stop criminals from targeting your property. The risk will be too large for them.

On the other hand, if there ever is a break-in, a surveillance system can help you identify the culprit after the fact as well.

3. Improve Lighting

Another important component of a secure commercial building is adequate lighting. Any dimly lit areas in or around your building should be lit up as much as possible so that any suspicious activity is hard to miss.

Ideally, you should install lighting that is connected with motion detectors so that whenever there is activity in an area, lights will immediately be turned on. Walkways, doorways, windows, and other parking lots are some of the first places you’ll want to check to see if adequate lighting is currently in place.

By adding additional lighting to your property, anyone who works in your commercial building will feel safer while criminals will be less likely to see it as a target.

4. Install a Chain Link Fence

A tried-and-true way of preventing break-ins and improving commercial building security is by installing a high-quality chain link fence that goes all the way around your property. Many thieves will be deterred just from looking at the fence rising up between them and your building.

Along with a proper gate, framework, and fittings, a chainlink fence will make it difficult for any burglars to get close to your building. It will be an extra obstacle in their way.

A great fence with a gate that locks firmly and prevents acts of force can be very helpful and will make it unlikely that anyone will be getting close to your building if you don’t want them to.

5. Secure Your Doors and Windows

Another thing you need to do to make sure your building is secure is to install heavy-duty door and window locks.

A surprising amount of buildings and offices have door and window locks that are severely in need of an upgrade. If the locks on your building are falling apart, growing old, or are cheaply made you’ll want to make replacing them a top priority.

You should also consider reinforcing doors to make them stronger and more secure. This will help to prevent intruders and will make forced entry an extremely difficult task to accomplish.

For additional security, you may also want to consider using an access control system along with key fobs to ensure only authorized users of your building are allowed in and any unauthorized access is prevented.

6. Increase Security in the Parking Area

The parking area of commercial buildings is one spot that is often overlooked when improving security. However, it’s important that you keep it in mind when making changes.

You should ensure that you’re increasing security for the people who work in your building for the entire time they’re on-premises not just when they’re in the building itself.

A parking lot is a common place where thieves or muggers may lurk waiting for a victim. They may also break into employee vehicles while they’re at work.

You should make sure that you’re keeping your parking area well lit and consider adding some security cameras as well.

7. Evaluate Employees Carefully

If you both own your commercial building and work in it, then you should take serious measures to ensure you’re hiring the right people. The biggest security threats often come from within an organization so it’s crucial that you get background checks for new employees during the onboarding process.

Be as sure as you can that you’re hiring trustworthy people. However, you should also be careful about what business information you share with employees even if they don’t have a criminal background.

Doing your due diligence to hire the right people and being aware of potential threats from within will be a big help in keeping your building secure.

Using These Tips to Improve Building Security

Ensuring strong building security is an important aspect of owning a commercial building, so you need to take action. Be sure that you’re using the above tips and best practices to keep your commercial building as safe and secure as possible.

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