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Keep Your Luxury Boat Or Yacht Safe And Secure

Updated: May 18, 2021

When it comes to your most prized possessions, it’s most likely that your boat or yacht is up there with the best of them, so it stands to reason that you’ll want to keep it safe, secure and well looked after at all times. When you’ve made such a sizeable investment in a luxury vessel, you’ll want to protect it for the future – so how exactly can you ensure that it remains in tip top condition and out of harm’s way?

Your boat or yacht may or may not be kept in a marina, but regardless, you could still find its security being compromised should it be targeted by thieves. But, with a few extra bells and whistles, you can ensure that your boat or yacht is suitably protected and ready for a jaunt out on the water at all times. Please do read on if you would like to know more about the latest boat alarm system on the market.


Boat theft is unfortunately more common than you might expect, and should yours be stolen and sailed to a different location entirely, you may never be able to recover it. Having your vessel fitted with a tracker will ensure that you can always locate it should the worst happen, simply through a specialised app on your laptop or mobile phone.


Alarmed padlocks can act as a great deterrent for potential thieves. When tampered with, they will emit a piercing sound that will scare them off in seconds, whilst also alerting security staff to their presence – enough to put off even the most experienced of thieves.

Quick and easy to fit, there are a range of options to choose from including locks, cables and chains. Door and hatch alarms are another good choice and can detect movement onboard your vessel. We recommend AJAX security components.

Opt for a monitoring device that includes tracking, monitoring, alarms and more from a specialist company such as AXXESS 28 LTD to ensure your expensive purchase remains as safe and secure as possible.

Install an engine immobiliser

Installing an engine immobiliser is a great way of preventing your yacht from being stolen on the water. This will ensure that even if thieves do manage to gain access to your boat, they won’t be unable to start the engine – and that will cause them all kinds of problems in removing your boat from the area, as well as increasing their risk of getting caught.

An engine immobiliser is quick and simple to install and can be done through the use of a key fob or a concealed button.

Use a secure marina

Most marinas these days have security features in place, but there are some harbours that are lacking in this area, and so should be avoided at all costs. Take extra time to do your research before deciding where to moor your boat and be sure to opt for somewhere that offers the most stringent levels of protection to keep your boat safe.

Look for a marina that has adequate CCTV and secured walkways and pontoons – as well as security personnel on-site 24/7 – and you’ll be able to relax in the knowledge that your boat will be looked after extremely well.

Mark your vessel

Marking your boat with a serial number as well as ensuring it is electronically tagged will ensure that it is simple to identify and even more difficult to sell on should it be stolen. These unique identity numbers can be used to easily call up information on a boat’s country of origin, as well as its builder and the year of the build. Known as a Watercraft Identification Number (WIN), this 14-digit code is marked on the boat in two places – one on the starboard side, and one a second hidden within the boat, both etched into the fabric of the boat to ensure compliance.

If you want to increase the protection on sailboat security - please call us today here at Axxess28.

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