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How safe is your outboard motor?

Updated: May 18, 2021

Did you know in January this year an average of one outboard motor was stolen a DAY according to the joint insurance and police theft register

There is no one set area in Britain where thefts are more common than another; this is a nationwide issue and the key is vigilance and protection for your outboard motors. Recovery rates of stolen motors are poor so prevention is definitely the better course of action.

Intent thieves will think nothing of breaking into secure buildings or compounds to remove outboard motors, nor cutting the back of a boat away to remove its engine.

Your vessel may already have the advantage of being moored in a secure marina- it may also be safe in dry-dock with CCTV protection and on-site staff. But your boat isn’t always this safe. When out sailing or cruising you may eventually need to be moored in foreign surroundings and the need for an added layer of security is vital.

We provide military-grade alarm systems for vessels of every size. We know when you buy a boat you are making a substantial investment and not only that, but this is also your pride and joy.

We offer a wireless system, perfect for the complexities and compactness a boat provides coupled with an extensive range that offers a 24/7 watchful eye on many aspects of your boat from perimeter detection through to fire, smoke, carbon monoxide and leak detection capabilities. The perfect marine alarm system.

Our boat alarms have many AI aspects to them, creating a truly intelligent intrusion security system that alerts you immediately in the event of unwanted visits.

We also have the capability to install AI units direct on outboard motors, offering a level of protection thieves will not know about. These units are also tamper proof and will notify your smart phone in milliseconds.

Axxess 28 Ltd are offering a free consultation for every boat owner with a 10% introductory offer on all first purchases*. Please contact the team today on 0845 680 0228 or

*expires 31st March 2021

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