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Ajax is now integrated with Security Monitoring Centres (SMC)

Updated: May 18, 2021

Ajax and SMC are now working together, delivering effective solutions to meet the needs of the UK customers. Including offering the best home surveillance cameras.

Security Monitoring Centres (SMC) is one of the UK’s leading security monitoring providers. For smart home monitoring solutions.

For almost 85 years, SMC has offered a wide range of monitoring services to keep people and property safe. And now Ajax users can appreciate this ARC’s high level of customer experience.

Glad to start our relationship with SMC and keen to work with the team. The synergy between our companies recognising the importance of moving forward with innovative products. Ajax deters burglars, recognizes fire, detects flooding, controls appliances — and could be easily managed via mobile apps. Above all, Ajax makes the big PSTN switch off easier for the UK end users and security installers Sam Griffiths, Business Development Manager in the UK, Ajax Systems

2025 PSTN switch off, which was announced by British Telecom, affects lot’s of older intruder alarms. Devices that rely on PSTN or ISDN communications will not signal after switch off.

Unlike outdated systems, Ajaх is reliable and future-proof, and PSTN switch off will not affect Ajax devices. Also, with Ajax MultiTransmitter it is possible to keep old security equipment and connect wired detectors to Ajax. SMC clients are now more than welcome to take advantage of Ajax products.

We’re delighted to collaborate with Ajax, to provide installers with a wide range of future-proof product options to support the national switch from PSTN to all-IP ready systems. The team at SMC is ready to welcome Ajax’s customers to experience the exceptional service provided by our Alarm Receiving Centres’ professionals. James Gribben, Head of Sales, SMC

The Ajax security system is compliant with PD 6662:2017. The number of the UK industry professionals using Ajax products is growing steadily. Ajax is also recognized by ECHO (Electronic Call Handling Operations).

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