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Protect your Moto Cross Motorcycle

Protect your Motocross bike with a 119dB wireless siren and a wireless bespoke bike protection device controlled and monitored via your smart phone.

The control system consists of a 230 volt powered Smart Hub connected to your broadband for the above devices, or a 12 volt DC conversion with an Smart SIM card for protection both at home and at race meetings.

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Motorcycle Security at its best

The base system consists of a main ethernet hub. The hub is home or office based. It uses 230VAC power, and is plugged into a broadband router using an ethernet cable, a wireless 119bd siren and a wireless transmitter. The transmitter is fitted inside a custom designed waterproof housing coupled with a low volt electrical cable with a waterproof connector that allows for authorised removal. Furthermore, it has a battery life of at least four to five years.


We can also provide a 12-volt DC version with a Roaming SIM card that can be used to protect motorbikes in transit and at meetings. This version can also be used from home, as it would be supplied with a 230VAC – 12VDC Transformer. Both versions are controlled via a free smartphone app which is used to set and unset the system. The app will alert via push notification of any unauthorised removal of the protection device.


The main concept of the system is that the wireless transmitter cable is looped either through the frame or wheel and connected to a static device (ground anchor or vehicle etc).  The system is then armed using the smartphone app. Any unauthorised tampering, either by disconnecting the plug or indeed cutting the cable will activated the remote siren and send alerts via the app to the user’s smartphone.


It is possible for additional devices to be added. This includes externally rated motion detectors— with or without photographic snapshots— that act as a means of further protection.


The Ajax system is a professional grade wireless system that can also be used to protect an entire building as well as motorbikes and, of course, quad bikes. So, even if you are at a weekend event, you will sleep soundly in your tent knowing full well that your pride and joy will not be wheeled off during the night. You will be able to relax and enjoy the event without the fear of all hell breaking loose.

‘I would recommend it to anybody, ten out of ten. Definitely’ 

Gary Hillier - Champion in the British Classic Championship 

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IMAGE: Greg Hillier - Gary's son 

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