Intercom Systems 

It can be argued that the most critical advantage of an intercom system for business solutions involves the role that security plays. These electronic gatekeepers are able to allow access only to authorised personnel and as opposed to traditional key entry techniques, intercoms will clearly display who is trying to enter. Not only is this important from an accountability point of view, but the mere presence of an intercom will likely deter suspicious individuals (they will have to identify themselves in advance). 
The primary purpose of any business intercom is to provide a streamline method of communications between the office and exterior environments. Visitors will be able to identify themselves and thereafter be directed to the appropriate department. There are also instances when an intercom can be utilised if an individual is lost or unsure of their destination. In-house needs are just as relevant. Employees and workers are able to quickly contact one another from remote access points as opposed to having to physically travel to the location. This is obviously beneficial within a fast-paced environment. 
At Axxess 28 Ltd. we pride ourselves on offering a complete solution for all your door entry requirements. Whether they be Analogue or GSM intercom systems. 
Simple, smart, convenient Intercom Systems undertaking sentry duty on your behalf in today‚Äôs challenging world. 
Saving you time while keeping you secure with every visitor who comes to your door. Sleek, discreet and as easy to use as it is effective, the Door Intercom System with advanced technology allows secure access control, while the unobtrusive Video Entry Intercom adds that extra level of verification and confidence. Budget-friendly systems tailor-made for your convenience but without compromising security. 
Discover how we can protect you. Stylishly. 
BPT and TelGuard telephone based entry systems 
2N Helios VOIP/SIP Audio/Video Intercoms 
Complus Teltronic (Commend UK) 
Connecting call and SOS stations, Public Address Speakers and Help Points 
Single entry station to multiple user systems 
Commercial, industrial and home applications 
Learn how our intercom systems protect and secure. 
VOIP Door Intercom 
Vandal Proof Intercom 
Expert Installation 
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