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Honeywell Access WIN-PAK XE, SE and PE Access Control Systems

Axxess 28 Limited are approved Honeywell Access (Northern Computers) installers and are able to provide full support for your WIN-PAK access control system including WIN-PAK 2, WIN-PAK PRO 2005, WIN-PAK CS and the latest WIN-PAK SE (Standard Edition) and WIN-PAK PE (Professional Edition).
Please contact us for support of your system.

WIN-PAK PE integration is the latest version of Honeywell’s most comprehensive access control software. By combining the power of access control, digital video and intrusion into one powerful system, WIN-PAK PE improves scalability, capability and control. WIN-PAK PE offers enhanced usability through its Quick Start Wizard, Card Holder Management, Advanced Reporting Capabilities and updated 32-bit operating system. Honeywell understands that our customers want their multifaceted systems to work together while providing simplified programming and use.

Please contact Axxess28 for further information on WIN-PAK hardware or software support or software upgrades.


You can download the Axxess 28 WIN-PAK equipment price list here...

You can download the WIN-PAK SE/PE datasheet here...

You can see further details on the Honeywell Galaxy G3 and Dimension Intruder Alarm Systems here...

User Guides, Installation Manuals, Installation software, software patches, WinXP SP2 fix etc to download click here...

We offer consultancy, spare parts, new equipment, on site support and maintenance contracts for any WIN-PAK access control system for end users and other service providers.
Upgrade your older WIN-PAK 1.16, WIN-PAK 2 and WIN-PAK 2005 software to the latest WIN-PAK SE or PE Software:
WIN-PAK installation software downloads, installation manuals and user guides from our FTP site
Full backwards compatibility and support for the N-1000, NS2+ and PRO2200 Door controllers.
SQL server and MSDE database support. True Client Server operation.
Communications over Ethernet using TCP/IP and GSM.
Photo ID.
Fingerprint Access Control.

N-1000-III-X & N-1000-IV-X
Door Controllers
Door Controllers
NetAXS 4-door Controller Omni Prox HID Reader

Honeywell Software Supported:

  • Northern Computers WIN-PAK 1.16 (upgrade required with limited data migration)

  • WIN-PAK 2 Release 2 and 4

  • WIN-PAK 2005

  • WIN-PAK PRO 2005

  • WIN-PAK SE (Standard Edition)

  • WIN-PAK PE (Professional Edition)

  • WIN-PAK PRO CS (Central Station)

Hardware Supported:

  • N-1000-III

  • N-1000-III-IX

  • N-1000-IV

  • N-1000-IV-X

  • NS2+

  • PRO2200

  • NetAXS (web based access control panel)

  • Honey Galaxy G3 and Dimension Intruder Alarm Systems


  • Northern Computers WIN-PAK 32bit magnetic stripe swipe cards

  • Honeywell Omni Prox Readers and OmniClass Contactless Smartcard Readers

  • HID 34bit Wiegand Northern Computers Proximity Cards

  • HID Corporate 1000 format

  • HID iClass Contactless Smartcard Readers

  • Honeywell Fusion III Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

Multiple Accounts
WIN-PAK PE is ideal for customers with multi-site locations who want to report back to a centralised head-end and provide separate account reporting data for each location. From a centralised location, dealers can monitor and report users that travel between different sites. Customers can also add localized control for any remote facility, while still maintaining control from the centralised site.
Galaxy Intruder Alarm Integration
Supported panel types include Classic Galaxy 60, Galaxy 128, Galaxy 500, Galaxy 504, Galaxy 512 and Grade 3 G3-144, G3-520 and Galaxy Dimension panels. Galaxy panel configuration is “read into” WIN-PAK, so there is no need to re-key the Galaxy programming. Multiple Galaxy panels can be managed through the familiar WIN-PAK interface with an “at a glance” overview of panels, zones and outputs via the WIN-PAK Control Map and Floor Plans. The Galaxy Panel Log is available as WIN-PAK Report and Galaxy panels can be set/unset either from the WIN-PAK User Interface or when ‘privileged’ cards are used at normal access control readers.
Enhanced Digital Video Integration
WIN-PAK PE offers integrated digital video controls. With WIN-PAK, you can store, retrieve, playback events or alarms. With digital video integration, you can control up to 16 cameras in a single view, including the pan, tilt and zoom functions of each camera. Enhanced digital video integration also offers Video Verification that allows a live image to be compared to a stored database image of an individual, before access is granted.

Photo-ID Badging
Create custom photo-ID cards using company logo's or backgrounds. WINPAK has unique features that set it apart from the competition. Features include, Multiple Images per card Holder, Watermarking/Ghost Image, Barcode/Magnetic Stripe support, Two-Sided Printing, Edge-to-Edge Printing.

Quick Start Wizards
Setup is quick and easy using the WIN-PAK Quick Start Wizards. The Quick Start Wizards make programming simple by taking users step-by-step through the installation and programming process.

Customized Reporting
Not all customers want the same reports and with WIN-PAK, customers can create custom report templates for their needs. Additionally, customers can schedule the reports to run automatically, one-time, hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.

Real-Time Alarm and Event Monitoring
WIN-PAK offers sophisticated real-time monitoring of events and alarms as they occur. The software has 99 Priority Levels and allow for control and response of alarms including accessing Floor Plans, acknowledge and clear. Users can also provide notes on each alarm about the cause and response. Since WIN-PAK 2005 is integrated to Digital Video, users can retrieve video playback of events generated from an alarm.

Advanced Card Management
WIN-PAK offers advanced card management over conventional access control systems. Features like Multiple Cards per Badge Holder, Batch Add/Delete, Card Activation/Deactivate by Schedule, Card Holder Locate, and Card Frequency Report with Disposition option, provide greater control and security for customers.

WIN-PAK PE provides a single user interface that integrates access control with video and intrusion to create a more robust platform with increased functionality. Functions that have traditionally been tied together through physical relays and input devices are now controlled logically. This simplicity gives users greater control over their systems than they had using multiple software platforms and interfaces. WIN-PAK PE offers complete enhanced Digital Video Integration to Honeywell Fusion digital video recorders. Integration allows video to be tied to access control events and alarms. Video clips can be recalled through the software, based on time or event. With integration, users can have complete camera control, including pan, tilt and zoom, and verify live users with stored images using Video Verification.

WIN-PAK PE is ideal for monitoring remote sites over long distances, as well as managing multiple sites from a single location. WIN-PAK integration simplifies the access process by allowing users to arm or disarm the Galaxy intruder system with a card. Any valid card can disarm the system to prevent false alarms. This is an improvement over a typical non-integrated solution where devices are not aware of what other devices are doing. WIN-PAK PE provides Enterprise level capabilities, without the hassle of other Enterprise level systems. WIN-PAK PE provides full-scale system management for single or multiple locations. Move control or share resources across multiple locations simply by logging on to a system.

Quick Start Wizards make WIN-PAK easy to install and program. Installers and end users will find the Quick Start Wizards helpful in installation and programming the system WIN-PAK offers advanced reporting capabilities that customers are demanding. Users can choose from a variety of pre-defined reports and save frequently used report settings as report templates. E Mail capability has been added to allow pre-selected events and scheduled reports to be sent via E Mail. Reports and events can be shown as easy-to-read text that provide all the content and detail that customers require, or exported using popular file formats. WIN-PAK PE supports the new NS2+ control panel from Honeywell. The NS2+ is the ideal panel to use for all small to medium size installations. WIN-PAK PE continues to support the complete range of Honeywell access control panels including N1000, PW2000 and PRO2200

Flexible database architecture uses the Microsoft Database Engine (MSDE 2000). Supported operating systems are Microsoft Windows® 2003 Server SP2, Windows® XP Professional SP2, Windows® Vista* Enterprise, Windows® Vista* Ultimate and Windows® Vista* Business Editions.

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